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 Grunts of Temporal?!

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PostSubject: Grunts of Temporal?!   Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:45 pm

Name: (No Name, its a group)
Team Rank/Job:Grunts
Age: 19-28
Bio: These group of baddies had a young dream of being a Pokemon Master. They were great kids and went to their Pokemon Journies. However, they got tired and tired by all the trainers and them losing, and learned to then, just catch high-level Pokemon and release their weak leveled ones. They won a bit, but still lost most of the time. Team Temporal's boss offered them the chance to redeem them selves if they joined.
Personality: These kids used to have a great personality. Children who had a great dream being the master of the Pokemon world, but..in the end..slowly graduated to having bad hearts. Most of them aren't smart, and are very evil, only thinking to rule the world.
Pokemon:Varies, only evolved stage 1, or 2.
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Grunts of Temporal?!
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