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 Shugo Chara RP, Shugo No Tama

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PostSubject: Shugo Chara RP, Shugo No Tama   Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:06 am

In the heart of each and every child is an egg. This egg is a representation of that person's greatest dream or desire. Many times, this egg will stay dormant, but in other cases, this egg with release itself and hatch, giving birth to a being known as a Guardian Character, a being that represents the dreams and desires of that person.

While most Shugo Owners rarely hear of it, the Embryo is an egg said to grant the greatest wishes of any who possess it. The search for this Embryo is carried out by four different factions:

The Guardians, who represent purity and protecting the Hearts Eggs of children; they are a group of elementary school students acting as a student council made up of "students working for students".

Easter, a multifaceted corporation with ruthless methods for finding the Embryo; their goal is to find the Embryo for their Lord and Master, who goes by the name of "Gozen". Easter employs tactics using the extracted Hearts Eggs of children whose eggs have either naturally or forcefully been turned into X-Eggs.

Lorelai has disguised themselves as a clique of well-known highschool students. They often prefer to keep to themselves; however, they are ruthless against their rivals and refuse to associate themselves openly with any of the other groups. Despite this, they stand for a relatively pure nature, attempting to save X-Eggs in order to gain the Embryo for each member of the organization to have their greatest wish granted.

Zatsubutsu has recently made itself known. Working outside of school systems and the like, Zatsubutsu seeks a monopoly over all who own Guardian Characters. Little is known about them and just how far they will go to get that monopoly.

Aside from these groups are multiple Soloists who also desire the Embryo, though they are not known to be in vast groups like the other three main factions.


Shugo no Tama is based loosely on the Shugo Chara anime, with our focus being the sideplot of "The Search For The Embryo". You are not required to know the series to join, as we provide tons of information for the universe to be understood. Stellar roleplaying skills aren't required; we simply ask you to be able to write 200-250 words per post, which in retrospect isn't a lot for most people.

Original characters are VERY MUCH WELCOME at our forum, though we would like to see canon characters as well. While there are only three factions currently mentioned in our advertisement, you are free to create your own groups of Shugo Owners which may band together. If your group makes a name for themselves, they may become known as one of the main factions on the forum!

Who will you fight for in your search for the Embryo?

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Shugo Chara RP, Shugo No Tama
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