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 The Rules..

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PostSubject: The Rules..   Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:17 pm

I know..rules, well, suck! But we have to follow them. Let's try to make them as fun and easy as possible!


Pokemon Silver Academy is a Academy for Pokemon Trainers, Coordinators, Breeders, and more! Here they may learn the importance and understanding Pokemon Trainers need for their future adventures, that they wish to go on... Pokemon with Pokemon Trainers are always welcome here since the Owner of the School built it for that purpose!! Please enjoy your time here, learning to be the best of the best...


1.) We're the admins! Stephanie and Ginter.
2.) Respect other players.
3.) I will allow Love. This includes love at first sight
4.) I will NOT allow gay relationships or two people, of different gender, sharing a dorm.
5.) No GodModding
6.) No Legendaries as your trainer's pokemon!! (Shaymin, Darkrai, Rayquaza, etc)
7.) All other simple RPG rules
8.) 3 characters max(YOU CAN MAKE ALT ACCOUNTS)
9.) Try to stay active of course!
10.)No excessive swearing.
11.) No advertising on the forums without permission from a forum administrator.
12.) No excessive post spamming. I understand short post lengths in some situations, but no useless posts please.

New Student:
Pokemon: 2 at most(For beginning RP)

Novice Student:
Pokemon: 2 at most(For beginning RP)

Intermediate Student:
Pokemon: 4 at most(For beginning RP)

Advanced Student:
Pokemon: 4 at most(For beginning RP)

Teachers or Professors:

Coordinators-Ginter,(Played by Ginter)
Trainers-Ginter,(Played by Ginter)Jason,(Played by NPC)
Breeders-Jason,(Played by NPC)
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The Rules..
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