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 Ray Heatherfield, here!

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Raylene Heatherfield

Raylene Heatherfield

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PostSubject: Ray Heatherfield, here!   Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:57 pm

Name: Ralene Heatherfield (first name pronounced Ray-lean, prefers 'Ray')
Job: Breeder, Intermediate
Age: 15
Appearance: Light brown hair, dark-blue eyes. She's about 5' 2'', and repeatedly curses her height.

Ray was the second child to be adopted by Riku Heatherfield, a UNKNOWN researcher that moved to Solaceon from Twinleaf Town after adopting Seishirou, his best friend's son, two years prior. Through out her hectic life living with a disorganized researcher and a calm trainer-to-be, Ray developed a rivalry to her brother who is only 2 years older than her. In this, Riku comments they have a one-sided 'Anything you can do, I can do better than you' relationship.
This continually got her into trouble when Sei started helping the old couple at the Day Care. The worst day that scarred her, literally and figuratively, was the day that Ray jumped over the fence to give Sei his lunch. She couldn't find him and gave up, but before she ran back around to the fence a Seviper wrapped her in a Wrap attack. The Seviper was playing and Ray realized this, asking it to unwrap her. They played for a while, but Ray curiously pulled it's blade-like tail. Seviper panicked and sunk it's fangs into her arm, thinking a Zangoose was attacking it and Ray. Unfortunately Ray, wearing an orange and white shirt, was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sei heard her screaming and pried the Seviper's jaws open, freeing Ray. Sei got someone to apply the proper first aid to her arm, but it would still leave a scar and two unconscious fears.
When she was ten, she left to explore the world and learn more about pokémon and become a breeder. She's traveled Sinnoh and accidently ended up in Dewford

Personality: Ray has what would be considered a childish personality. This is mostly because she trusts all people and Pokémon she meets almost instantly and has a tendency of nicknaming her pokemon. The only pokémon she is scared of are Sevipers and she is hesitant around poison types, but this has become a subconscious fear. Ray is also very out-going and forceful when she decides to be. Due to a long running rivalry with her adopted brother, Seishirou, she is a fierce competitor when met with a challenge and only brags when she thinks she's done something better than her brother. She's also very short-tempered, but mostly only to people that think she's younger than her actual age.

First Pokemon: Arcanine (ArcTriumph)
Second Pokemon: Gardevoir (Grace)
Third Pokemon: Luxray (LuxPain)
Fourth Pokemon:Aggron (Armageddon)
Other Pokemon: Togetic (Tobi), Azumarill (Dew-Drop). They stay at her adopted dad's place in Solaceon.

Other: She's addicted to pocky (either the chocolate or caramel variety will do)
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PostSubject: Re: Ray Heatherfield, here!   Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:06 pm

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Ray Heatherfield, here!
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