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 Our Dorm Rooms

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PostSubject: Our Dorm Rooms   Sat Dec 18, 2010 4:10 pm

Solar stared at the door to her room. she was a little scared to see whohere room mate would be she pulled her hand into a fist and slowing was going to knock on the door, Shade looked up and stared at her like she was weird, one of thosereally now? kinda looks and he steped back and pushed to door open,Solar jumped up as it creaked and hit the wall bouncing off a few times Whaa? he poked her head in the door and looked around. Hello? Anyone here? she toke a step in and waited Hello? Im Solar, your roommate.

Eeeeee~!!! solar jumped again to find her Eevee yawning on one of the beds in the room. i looked around closing the door behind me and letting Spark out. she looked at Shaded annoyedShade why didnt you tell me no one was here? Solar saw her bags and walked over to them to see they were unpacked.nice.... she saw two closets thats cool we wont have to share one now' a bathroom that one might be a problem, and she looked around one last time and gasped, No kitchen!! she sat on the bedthat shade and spark were stretch out on, her hand over her face. Ahh~~ she layed back almost laying on Shade. She was staring at the ceiling Hey guys, she rolled on to her side how does training sound? we can start tomarrow." Spark's yellow head shot up Chu?(really?) she smiled , Yea im for real this time. i dont want to hold you guys back for battleing.and it's the only way we can get to our goal right? so you wanna try it Spark....Shade? Solar looked over at Shade who was still lying down,Pica!(Alright!) sparks where comeing out of his cheeks, but Shade didnt responds at all Shade? You want to train an get stronger?, he jus grunted and turned toward the walls, Shade i know you wanted to do it alone but iv had you for years now and you only know 3 moves. i know we've ever trained before but lets just try okay?Spark seems to like the idea so can you just try for us,... for me? Solar was worried about Shade he never acted this way before, but we never been around so many trianers either. she sighed and started to stroke Spark. She had laided out all her items on the floor, 6 pokeballs,5 Potions,3Fresh Water, and her ThunderStone was tightly wrapped and put away so her pokemon dont get to it.

She had her Super Rod up against the wall near her bed and her PokeDex on a night stand.the only thing she didnt have in her room was her Mach Bike which was in the front of the dorm outside.

Later that evening
Solar placed her pokeballs, potions and her pokedex in her pouch and set it on her nightstand and toke a quick shower and changed into some shorts and a tanktop. She than placed Sparks and Shades pokeballs next her pouch and got ready for bed.Spark and Shade both toke two pillows so Solar was pillowless for the night. She set her alarm for 5:00 AM for an early start on their training. She closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.
Beeeep....Beeeep..........Beeep..Beeeep...Buzzzzz....Buzzzzzz......BANG, Solar slamed the snuzz buttom for the alam to shut off. guys, she said sleeply,come on get up guys, Solar looked at the unoccupied pillows and looked around the room for her pokemon.She sighed and rolled onto her side, falling off the bed and hitting the floor with a thud. She got up to see her team eating some corn flakes in the kitchen. her eyes were wide wiith shock,Was I making them wait for me? she got up and got dressed her usual jeans t-shirt and sneakers. she got her pokemon hoodie that looked like a Umbreon and hooked up her pouch to her belt, placed her pokemon into the balls and headed out the door. When she got outside her jumped on to her bike and head down toward the Forest Area to train and catch new pokemon
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Our Dorm Rooms
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