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 Xion's Room~

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PostSubject: Xion's Room~   Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:12 pm

(Wellll... I had this typed but i was googling somethign and forgot about it =u= now i get to retype it.. Anyway, since Shiny wanted to know what happened to Xion in his room, Imma post this~.. Even though I find it pointless due to it just being Xion. But oh well. Time to fill that little wondering hole in her head~)

Xion scurried through the door and slammed it shut behind him, engaging in a series of shutters and gasps. He was amazed he didn't try to escape from the crowds earlier. After regaining his posture and ability to move around, he moved on to his first task. His shirt was damp, and it was getting late. No need to get sick this early. He opened his closet, Already unpacked... Nice to know they dug in my luggage. Guh. The blonde boy shivered, then pulled out another shirt to replace the one he was wearing.

Properly changed, he examined his room. He saw a bathroom, which no room would go without, a kitchen that with further investigation seemed fully stocked, and two beds with a closet to go with whomever may reside on them. To his knowledge, he was alone. Good. Hopefully, it would stay like that. A place to retreat to safely anytime needed would be nice. Down beside his bed he spotted his fishtank that he had slowly dragged from his home to here for his Magikarp. Taking out his pokeballs, he released his pokemon, Magikarp going into the tank and Charmander beside it. Well... Now that I'm nice and cozy so far, a cup of tea would be nice...

He plundered, gathered ingredients, and made himself a warm cup of tea to drink while gazing out the window at the scenery.

(There, Shiny. Now you know what Xion is doing xD)
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Xion's Room~
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