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 Jimmy's Student sheet (Sorry I'm late, Signed up today (: )

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PostSubject: Jimmy's Student sheet (Sorry I'm late, Signed up today (: )   Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:54 am

Name: Jimmy Masashi
Job: Trainer, New; Coordinater, New
Age: 14
Bio: Jimmy grew up in Johto with his aunt and uncle. His parents had a lot of issues so it was decided he would live with his Aunt and uncle. When he was 7 he received a pokemon as a gift, an eevee. When he became 10 he trained with his eevee. He Caught a couple of pokemon because he didnt like having too many. When he turned 13 he left all of his pokemon except his eevee behind and set off for sinnoh. In sinnoh he went into a forest and found a weird looking rock. His eevee ran up to it and placed it's paw on it. Suddenly eevee started to glow. He looked and had seen that his eevee had become a leafeon. He trained with his new Leafeon and battled other trainers. One day Leafeon became sick and was in the pokemon center. It ran away from the center so Jimmy ran and caught up to it. It used it's newly obtained move Leaf storm to attack Jimmy. It cut his palms and wrists so that's why he has the gloves. After getting Leafeon to stop attacking he rushed it to the Pokemon center to treat it. Lefeon became better and now Jimmy and his partner have been practicing for a year.
Personality: Mischievous, Likes to flirt, Will go brock on girls for jokes, Like's joking around, Has strong feelings for his leafeon, Will stand up for friends, sometimes distant and likes to freak people out.
First Pokemon: Eevee (Later turned into Leafeon) Leafeon's gender is male, and his nickname is Scruffy (I just made it up. Very Happy)
Appearance: Wears a Grey hoodie, Has Dark hair, Blue eyes, wears gloves. (Look at my picture it's him)
Pokemon: Leafeon

Other: He left for the pokemon academy hoping to become a better trainer and maybe a coordinator. But compared to others he's a novice so he's training hard every day.
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PostSubject: Re: Jimmy's Student sheet (Sorry I'm late, Signed up today (: )   Mon Nov 29, 2010 6:44 am


Tehee It seems like Eevee is the most popular Pokemon on this site now, seeing as 3 players have one(I counts you too even though Scurffy evolved! Razz)
Your personality is like, awesome Wink

Please jump right in at Part 3 of the exams at the Volcano! (Were all fighting a Flygon.)
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Jimmy's Student sheet (Sorry I'm late, Signed up today (: )
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