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 Xion's Application

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PostSubject: Xion's Application   Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:17 pm

Name: Xion
Job: Trainer, Novice Trainer
Age: 15

Bio: Xion never really cared for Pokemon training, even if his father urged him daily to start. When he came of age to recieve his starter, he was forced to obtain one. Out of the three, he has chosen Charmander because out of all the other trainers who had arrived with him, none had wanted that specific one. To make his father happy, he used it to battle only once, against a Magicarp. He caught it, then released it into the pond behind his home. As much as his father detested his decisions, Xion refused to become a Pokemon trainer.

Years later, he still had his Charmander and Magicarp, he decided he would go to a Pokemon academy that had recently opened. He packed his things, gathered his two Pokemon, and set off. His goal was simple; he was to become a good enough trainer to beat his crazed father in a battle, then, hopefully, he could be left alone about how he's a 'failure to the family'. If that didn't work, maybe he would become interested in Pokemon training. He doubted that would happen...

Personality: Xion tries to stay quiet and speak only when he sees fit. He tried to keep any emotions he has bottled up when he is in public. He is VERY easily embarassed and often flees (calmly, I might add) from the scene and has a short panic attack before returning. He also isn't one to give up easy, unless he sees that it's the smarter thing to do.

First Pokemon: Charmander

Second Pokemon: Magicarp (Though its... never out..)

Appearance: (Had a picture, but lost it ouo;;..)
Xion's hair is longer than normal, yet not to his shoulders. It's very shaggy and sometimes has a mind of its own. Though he despises it, yet will not color it, it is dirty blonde, and he is often stereotyped in larger cities. His eyes are a deep green, and he is only slightly tan. He never wears 'official' uniforms, so he wears a short-sleeved button-up without a tie, and a pair of baggy jeans because he refuses anything else. He also bears a small scar over his left eye from when his father had him battle against him with Charmander when Meganium's Razor Leaf had missed and grazed his forehead. This is covered by his bangs.

Pokemon: He only has the ones mentioned above.

PFFT. Erm. Yeah.. I'm no good at these o.x I have a shy side, even over the internet, and it's slapping me in the face at the moment... Oh yeah, and I've never really roleplayed in this format, so if I fail miserably, forgive me~
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PostSubject: Re: Xion's Application   Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:26 am


I find it funny as how your story is about your character NOT wanting to like Pokemon at all, but is forced. It makes your character intresting to most of us. Your personality fits well with your story and made me go "awww!" Because of his shyness..!

And you did evertyhing fine! No need to worry!(where did I hear that catchphrase before..o-o..)
You can begin RPing with the group at the grand hall, exams part 1. Theres only one topic there so you should find it easily.
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Xion's Application
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