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 Kang and Kenjii

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PostSubject: Kang and Kenjii   Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:33 pm

Just to tell you,I AM a girl,but 100% tomboy,so that`s why my character is a boy

Sorry for the bad spelling,I`m in a rush.
Job:Trainier,Advanced trainer(I think I saw that rank somewhere..)
Age: 15

Bio:Kang lived with his parents in a city.Every day he would pretend to have pokemon battles with his poochena,a pokemon given to him by his dad when born.Since they were friends since birth,they would do everything together.
But when when Kang was 10,he tried to battle a wild ryhorn,but despite his efforts,they lost and his poochena(Kenjii)ran away in fear.
Kenjii wondered too far and got him and Kang lost in the city`s nearby forest.Eventully,they were found by a pack of mightenyas,Kenjii`s family.
2 years later,his parents found him in the forest,looking like a mightenya himself.Kenjii evolved over the years,but he had a spiked collar.But his parents noticed Kangs ability,the ability to understand them.
His parents allowed him to stay,because of his love of pokemon,and gave him things to start a pokemon journey.

Personality:Kang is kind with a crazy love for pokemon.He is an awesome friend but can be harsh in battle.
First Pokemon:Kenjii
Second Pokemon:Lucario
Third Pokemon:Umbreon
Fourth Pokemon:Houndoom
Appearance:My avatar
Pokemon:Those 4 are my only ones.
Other:Kang`s bag is a white backpack with usual pokemon stuff,and his black Ipod.

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PostSubject: Re: Kang and Kenjii   Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:47 pm

Good work. I like your biography and everything, very mysterious, setting the mood for your character. Your personality is a little bit short, but I got a good understanding from your biography on your character's true personality.


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Kang and Kenjii
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