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 Izumi, Kukiko

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PostSubject: Izumi, Kukiko   Sat Nov 20, 2010 9:33 pm

Name: Kukiko Izumi (Last, First)
Job: Trainer, Intermediate Student
Age: 16
Bio: When she was young she lived with her parents in Jhoto. Her mother was very protective over her, not letting her do much she dubbed dangerous, and her father wasn't around much. She can't actually remember her father and often wonders where he went, her mother never talking of him much. When she was around 4 she wandered into the forest around where her and her mother lived, and found a river running through one of the clearings. She ran to the river but slipped and fell in, panicking from not knowing how to swim. She remembers everything rushing by and then everything being covered by blue. Later on she found out that a Marill had saved her, causing her to grown a new loving of Pokemon. Then years later she found an injured Chikorita and decided to help it recover. As she treated the Pokemon she started to form a bond with it and once it was fully healed she asked if it would like to stay with her. Once she got a positive answer she used a pokeball her father had left behind and caught it, but she mostly never puts it in the pokeball. Then after a while with her pokemon she wanted to learn more about pokemon and how to train them and talked her mom into letting her go to the new Pokemon Academy, also wanting to go there to finally be around more people.
Personality: Loving, kinda shy and quite, kinda awkward around other people, a little motherly to those close to her and her Pokemon, hates fights between friends and a person and their Pokemon and would try to stop the fighting.

First Pokemon: Chikorita
Second Pokemon: Furret
Third Pokemon: Pidgey
Fourth Pokemon:
Appearance: She has long, to her lower back, midnight blue hair, dark brown eyes. She is normally seen in loose dark clothes or sometimes seen in interesting dress outfits. (More Native American style dresses I guess would be a good explanation) She always has a black messenger bag with her drawing supplies, Pokemon supplies, and her mp3 player.

Pokemon: Chikorita, Furret, Pidgey
Other: She tends to avoid large groups, not having had much interaction with people other then her mother, and when she was very young her father.

(Also on a side note this is one of my characters for my own forum so if anyone recognizes the name thats where it came from. I'll put a picture of her appearance in the dress, it'll just have wolf ears and tail so kinda ignore those >.< I actually wanted to use that bio but that one lost her memory at 7 and ran around the forest in her wolf form for 7 years. So I hope this character is acceptable and I didn't talk too much like I tend to do.)

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PostSubject: Re: Izumi, Kukiko   Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:14 am

Saito wrote:

Saito, I believe you know this. Only Moderators can approve these things Smile

Anyway, this is a good character file, Kukiko. I will offer a further explanation of the "Student Postions" later today probably.


Thanks for joining.

Edit: Your Character File isn't to lengthy.... just look at mine! Anyways the avatar is fine, we can't all design our own avatars and such.

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Izumi, Kukiko
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