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 Dorm Pairings

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PostSubject: Dorm Pairings   Sat Nov 20, 2010 6:56 pm

The Pairings will be posted at here.

Dorm Sizes:

Small- For New Students- Two Rooms: Has Two Beds, One Closet, and a Bathroom

Medium- For Novice Students- Three Rooms: Two Beds, Two Closets, a bathroom, and a Kitchen

Large- For Intermediate Students- Four Rooms: Two beds, Two Closets, Two bathrooms, a Large Kitchen, and a TV

Advanced Suite- For Advanced Students- Six Rooms: Two King Sized Beds, Two Walk-In Closets, Two Large Bathrooms, A Extra Large Kitchen, a Huge Plasma Screen TV, and a 2 Person Buggy parked outside their Dorm.

Trina and Solar, Small Room
Chonny and Lucky, Medium Room
Kukiko and Amy, Large Room
Elania and ___, Large Room
Mazz, Advanced Suite
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Dorm Pairings
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