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 What to do if you need some help.

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PostSubject: What to do if you need some help.   Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:22 pm

Hmm..... okay well let's say you need some help. There are a few things you can do, some of which will have more of an effect than others. Ok here is my list from most helpful to least helpful.

1) Post in this forum. Don't make the title like "I need some help!!!", because well.... that's stupid. Obviously you need help, so perhaps in your title you can give someone a brief piece of your problem. For example, if you can't log in put a title of maybe: "I can't log in. Help please." or something like that. Then only the admins will even bother looking at it and you save some nice people some valuable time. If it is a weird problem and you don't want it public, Read #2

2) Send a Private Message to Ginter or Stephanie. If you have a problem, and you don't want it public for whatever reason, feel free to pm any admin for a helpful response.

3) Send a Private Message to a Moderator. If the problem isn't an administration problem (Admin Problem: A problem with Html or something like that) then feel free to pm a mod asking for help. Thats why we have mods, so they can help people. Our mods will be as helpful as they can. If the mods don't help much.... repeat #2 or proceed to Step #4

4) Reread the Rules and Guides. There is a chance that your problem has already occured and someone posted a solution for it. If this is still useless... proceed to #5

5) Ask a player on the chatbox. I don't personally like this one, because most of the time people are AFK on the chatbox. But, it's still a possible solution. Especially if Ginter or Stephanie happen to be on the chatbox.

I hope this helped. Basically if you have any MAJOR problem though, report it to Ginter or Stephanie right away. Thanks.

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What to do if you need some help.
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