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 Professor Ginter

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PostSubject: Professor Ginter   Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:56 pm

Name: Ginter

Professor Skill/Job: Trainer; Coordnator

Age: 23

Biography: Ginter is quite an interesting fellow. The way his eyes twinkle and shine at most times..... while at other times.... they blaze with fury. This fury is not common. It is not normal for Ginter to be really angry about anything. He is calm and peaceful. These qualities don't always make him the most effective professor, however it doesn't matter to him. His unusual teaching methods do not work with some, it seems. Ginter has been this way for a long time. For nearly his whole life he was calm, peaceful, and patient. These qualities made him a very effective trainer, and he rose through the academy's ranks at blazing speeds. He became an Advanced Student at a young age (It is not known at exactly what age) and after graduating he enlisted as a Royal Guard at the Hope Palace for a period of 4 years. On his fourth year at the Hope Palace, Ginter was offered a job to become an Assistant of Defense of the Hope Palace, however he declined. He instead took a job as a professor at the Silver Academy (Falsly saying that he was 32 years old.) He was an amazing trainer and coordinator, however many of his teachings could not be understood by the Novice Students that he was told to teach. He took a break of 2 years to hone his teaching talents, then went back to work as a professor once more. Ginter was recently put back as an instructor for the new students who came in. The headmaster of the academy had died of mysterious causes just a few days before. Ginter ( although he never knew it) was actually the nephew of the Headmaster. As the Headmaster has left no papers on who would take his place once he was gone, the crowd found in favor of Ginter. Many of the professors did not like this new teacher as headmaster. They gave him the position of probationary status and they requested he stayed as a professor as well. He accepted, he wanted to anger them no more. Now here we are....

Personaltity: Ginter is a calm, cool individual. He is often found reading or painting, or doing other such activites. He is a strong trainer because of these many traits. And his coordinator skills.... these a probably because of his appriciation for art and beauty. His relationships with others are mixed. They respect him, however most don't find that he is easy to communicate with, and perhaps this is true. He is somewhat reclusive, however when teaching this isn't the case. He isn't afraid to boldy assist his students. Ginter is seen by professors and students alike as a man with elegant suavity. His words and phrases are often beautiful and powerful, all at the same time. Some dislike him because of the powerful words and expressions he uses, however most have learned to deal with it.



Main: Flygon, Spiritomb, Gengar, Walrein, Alakazam, Torterra.
Intermediate Level Pokemon: Haunter, Sheldon, Kadabra, Sealio, Houndoom, Grovyle.
Beginner..... well I'll leave that as a suprise.

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."

----Benjamin Franklin
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Professor Ginter
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